5 star
"Just wanted to pop in and say thank you to you guys. I took my time working through your ebook and finding out which product would best suit me and I think you guys have done and excellent job. I found this relatively easy, I look and feel great, and had extra spring in my step around the kids today. Cheers Rich"
Abigael Rose
"I loved this, delicious juices throughout the day and then a scrummy salad at night, there was even enough salad for my husband to try. If I had any feedback it's that the salad is too big (but that worked out for hubby!) x"
Leonie D
Excellent product
"I love this simple concept, taking the time out but having the nutrients from the juice made it simple for me to safely fast. I would highly recommend to anyone."
Sharmi S
At first hesitant
"Was hesitant to buy as it's not the cheapest- did it over the weekend and I feel awesome! Unfortunately I had to skip the beetroot juice as it made me feel sick (i don't like beetroot) but apart from that everything else was surprisingly good! Highly recommend! I did have berries and almonds some days and I feel amazing! Clear skin, high energy and a bonus I lost 3kgs will def do again in the new year."
Genevieve S
Delicious, and so simple!
"Loved the meals, Chia Cups are amazing and the sous vide meat literally melted in my mouth! delicious and super convenient!"
Mark G
Thank you!
"Just finished 6 days! It was fantastic. Tough going at some moments, but great results. Clear skin, unbroken sleep last 2 nights and kicked caffeine overload in the ass! Thanks heaps, would highly recommend."
Nat Van Peer
"After struggling to get my 'a into g' with eating right I did this cleanse and followed up with a 3-day meal plan. The food was delicious and the whole process was so simple! Try one if you haven't already :) x"
Jenna Young
Thanks Team
"Hey guys just finished my 6 days advanced cleanse and it was amazing!!! Needed that reset as my adrenal glands had taken a turn for the worst due to working crazy hours, poor sleep, busy crazy life of two full time jobs, over training, mama duties and eating on the go, I haven't felt this good in ages ... This one will be a regular on my list of must do every 8 weeks (unless I win lotto then I'll do every 4 lol:v:️) Thanks Team!! Kat x"
Kat P
"This is a fantastic cleanse, it's so convenient - I will definitely be doing it again soon. The salad that comes with the juice til dinner cleanse is delicious. Thanks PHD :-)"
Sophie Gagnon
"These juices are amazing, I love the Sweet Greens, Heart Beet and Bright Eyes they really are delicious, but best of all is the service! All my questions answered and expert advice to boot. Love it!"
Andrea Lane
"Thank you for very tasty and healthy food. Saved so much time on cooking. I also was sceptical that juices with greens can be tasty but in fact they are delicious. Thanks for great service as well."
Ruzan Forrest
Lovely customer Service and great experience
"My order went missing in the courier but the guys got it sorted asap with out any fuss. Great Customer Service and the Juice and salad were beautiful and fresh."
Andrea Jacobson
Thank you guys xx
"I approached the guys at PHD a while ago. I was tired of feeling overweight and 'sluggish' and I wasn't in a very good space. Rich put me on to Chantal and 3 months later and after a Reset followed by Chantals wholefood advice I now feel incredible. I've lost 6kg over the last 12 weeks and I wake up every morning happy! Thank you soo much guys,"
Siobhan K
Holiday Reset
"I was on holiday in Auckland recently and had arranged for my PHD order to be delivered to the hotel I was staying prior to my arrival. This time was my 3rd vacation to NZ, the first 2 trips I took in February the year before and consequently July the same year I got really sick, presumably due to the weather. But this last one I'm so thrilled that I was fine, and I firmly believe and credit it to the nutrients in the PHD juices! Thank you, I will be ordering again on my next trip"
Dina Damit
"Such a great cleanse and would recommend to anyone wanting to detox and feel generally well and energised - Yummy juices and will most definitely be ordering again! Raw Salads are also such a hit and so yummy to come home to for dinner, I will be trying the Wholefood plans next :)"
Jen Kendrick
Juice til Dinner
"Just finished the 3 day cleanse and I feel great. I usually eat a truck load everyday and quite surprised I didn't feel hungry at all, I had a tonne of energy which I haven't had in a long time I'm very pleased with how the cleanse worked. The juices are easy to drink and this was an amazing way to kickstart my journey to a healthier living. Thanks PHD :relaxed:️"
Anahera Borlase
Product review
"Was worried I wouldn't feel full just on juices but I bought the 3 day cleanse and it lasted me longer because I was too full to drink them all. Day 3 I was feeling so energetic! Mum and I both tried it and very happy with the results. I can't wait till I do it again."
Nicola Perkins
"I just tried 3 days of being a vegetarian and I loved it, the chia cups were amaze!"
Carlena Harris
ResetMe Review
"My bestie recommended this to me and so glad she did. I recommend to anyone looking to change things up!"
Casey Hulme
Delicious and I feel great!
"Really glad my friend put me on to you guys, I feel really good after been sick all winter, thank you"
Charity G
Thank you PHD
"I loved this, I tried the Cashew Nut before but it wasn't really to my liking so having this option was perfect, totally recommend giving it a go!"
Meredith Davies
Nut Free Cleanse
"I have done this Reset 3 times throughout the year and I still get excited every time it arrives because I know how great I'm going to feel in the weeks after, great product and great customer service. I m going to have a go at the salad version next up!"
Cam Collier
Meal review
"Hi PHD, thank you for introducing me to your meal plan. I have been planning my meals and making them every Sunday for the whole year but it really has been tedious, not only are your meals friggin delicious I get so excited when they turn up and I know my food is sorted! thanks guys!"
Sarah Newtoun
"wholesome and delicious, thank you guys! Loved it!"
Liam S
"3 days later and I feel great!"
Marnie C
nailed it
"Guys, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you and I absolutely loved the meals!"
Fleur Wright
Back on track, thank you Chantal
"I'm a self confessed 'health nut' but I had a period where I lost all of my motivation. I jumped onboard this cleanse and I am so happy with how it has got me back on track. Thank you for all your support as ell Chantal x"
Lea Rudolph
"I already eat pretty well so Rich pointed me towards the ResetMeGreen. I really just wanted to break routine and kickstart my mindset around my food. Wow, so easy to follow, delicious flavours and I am now feeling fantastic. I would highly recommend if you feel 'stuck in a rut'"
Jenni G
5 star!
"Delicious and simple plus loads of protein for my training!"
Chris H
Thank you guys
"Flew through this 3-day program, beautiful juices, fantastic support and customer service, thank you guys!"
Judith Swartz
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