Nut Free Cleanse
"I have done this Reset 3 times throughout the year and I still get excited every time it arrives because I know how great I'm going to feel in the weeks after, great product and great customer service. I m going to have a go at the salad version next up!"
Cam Collier
Meal review
"Hi PHD, thank you for introducing me to your meal plan. I have been planning my meals and making them every Sunday for the whole year but it really has been tedious, not only are your meals friggin delicious I get so excited when they turn up and I know my food is sorted! thanks guys!"
Sarah Newtoun
"wholesome and delicious, thank you guys! Loved it!"
Liam S
"3 days later and I feel great!"
Marnie C
nailed it
"Guys, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you and I absolutely loved the meals!"
Fleur Wright
Back on track, thank you Chantal
"I'm a self confessed 'health nut' but I had a period where I lost all of my motivation. I jumped onboard this cleanse and I am so happy with how it has got me back on track. Thank you for all your support as ell Chantal x"
Lea Rudolph
"I already eat pretty well so Rich pointed me towards the ResetMeGreen. I really just wanted to break routine and kickstart my mindset around my food. Wow, so easy to follow, delicious flavours and I am now feeling fantastic. I would highly recommend if you feel 'stuck in a rut'"
Jenni G
5 star!
"Delicious and simple plus loads of protein for my training!"
Chris H
Thank you guys
"Flew through this 3-day program, beautiful juices, fantastic support and customer service, thank you guys!"
Judith Swartz
Busy week saviour
"This was the best saviour last week when I simply didn't have time to make healthy food with work deadlines looming. As a vegan, It's hard to rely on many outlets for decent food delivered and so this was a lifesaver. I'll definitely be grabbing another 3 days when I need some healthy options I don't have to check to ensure they are what they say they are. Thanks for nailing this for me PHD."
A great re-set
"I tend to eat fairly well, but sometimes working long hours and being part of a large office environment that celebrates days ending in "y" with a morning tea, it's hard to stay focused. I tried the three day plan as a way to re-set things and get back on track - and it was awesome. The meals were fantastic - there was plenty of food and it all tasted great. The convenience factor was a huge plus - it comes to you all ready to go - the most you have to do is heat the pork and chicken on days two and three. I would totally recommend for anyone looking for a bit of a clean up or just a different way of eating. One warning - the cacao muesli is addictive!"
"I am an individual of not very strong willpower. So when I decided to try this cleanse I wasn't too sure how I would go. The best green juice I have ever had made it a really easy start and as I progressed through the day the juices just got yummier and I could taste the nourishment in each sip. Having the salad at night really helped me satisfy my chew craving and meant I got to sit down with my family. I got through it with no hunger pains and no negative effects and I was never waiting around for my next juice because you are drinking so many different varieties all through the day. My body was shown 100% love for 3 days and now I will continue to honor that. Thanks guys!! It's just the Kickstart I needed"
Life changing
"I was so nervous about doing a 3 day cleanse as I thought I'd get really hungry. But I found as long as I drank the juices at the right time, my only desire to eat was purely out of habit. The juices taste great and are filing - my husband did it with me and he goes to the gym daily. He had some protein with the coconut milk at night and he got by fine without the food. We both had a lot of energy which surprised us, and both slept better than usual. I had some headaches but found doing some exercise and having a sauna helped that a lot. I noticed an improvement with both my skin and hair while on the cleanse, and after. The best thing is that it kicked off a whole new way of eating for me - I haven't touched soda or alcohol for over a week after the cleanse and haven't felt like any junk food, plus I've cut down on meat. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to kick start a healthier diet and reset their attitude to food. The only improvement I would suggest is to have the guide printed and included in the delivery as I wasn't sure what to do when I received them, but found the info is all on the website. Thanks phd, I'll definitely order again :)"
Natasha Guttenbeil
Fantasitic cleanse
"I have just completed this cleanse and i'm feeling full of energy and a lot lighter! The whole process is so easy, everything is ready for you (no cooking for three days!), and the salad included for dinner is delicious! I will definitely being doing this cleanse again soon. Thank you PHD :-)"
Thanks phd
"Having done 3 other juice cleanses in Miami, New York and Montreal, I can honestly say that PHD was by far the best and my favorite one. For the first time, I wasn't dreading any of the flavors and I found the juices to be much more filling, which lets be honest is a huge bonus when doing a cleanse! I would 100% recommend PHD cleanses! Thanks PHD, I feel amazing :)"
Namilko Shibata
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