Great mini reset.
"Great - easy to use, tasty and filling salads and easy to drink smoothies."
A classic flavor
"Of all the juices from PHD that I have tried this is my favorite. It carries the classic flavor you would get from home juicing with the mix of apple, celery and kale. These juices are great to curb appetite and get an immediate energy boost of nutrients. "
Lauralee H.
Reset your body
"Great way to reset yourself!"
Interesting Results
"I initially wanted to do the cleanse to clear up my skin, relieve bloat etc. Unfortunately I didn't find any difference in my skin at all and I did lose almost 3kg but put 2kg of this back on in a day! (I was expecting this as I knew it would just be water weight and I didn't do the cleanse to lose weight anyway) but what did surprise me is the fact I wasn't hungry and struggled to drink all the allocated juices per day! As someone who eats all day every day and needs various snacks between meals and constantly need to know when my next meal will be, I didn't think I could do it but it was surprisingly easy and has made me realise that I don't always need food when I reach for it. I cut back on all exercise and still had my morning coffee but didn't feel tired and didn't need or want my afternoon coffee at all. I wasn't a fan of the lemonade drink but loved all the others. All-in-all it was a very interesting and rewarding experience."
Reset review
"Great cleanse! The new berry salad is delish!"
Bridget H.
"I loved the cashew dream, was so good and filling "
"Great tasting and refreshing"
Best morning tea
"Consistently good. Very happy"
Kate V.
PhD clense
"Amazing! I felt so good even on day 2. I lost 3kgs and had a very clear mind. "
Excellent product that balances health and taste
"The 3 day cleanse went very well. Ending the day with cashew dream was my favourite part that I looked forward to. I will do this again when I need to settle my digestion and my IBS and reset healthy eating habits."
Kirsty M.
Delicious & Nutritious
"Easy to drink, very refreshing. A great addition to my cleanse."
Hannah P.
Refreshing Goodness
"The mix of pineapple and apple was always going to be a good combo but adding mint was perfect. I could easily drink this every day."
Amanda N.
Reset me. 3 day juice cleanse
"Awesome wish I could afford to be able to do it every week "
Daniel A.
Good. Delicious and good service
"Good. Delicious and good service "
Love PHD
"Delicious, super fresh & tasty! I would highly recommend also the Beet Juice! Amazing!!!"
"Cashew Mocha was a refreshing surprise. I decided to give it a go to pass on my usual mid-morning coffee. It did NOT disappoint."
Ben P.
3 Day Cleanse
"This is a great programme with delicious juices and most importantly looking forward to that amazing cashew dream drink for dinner. "
I love the simplicity of
"I love the simplicity of waking to each day with good nutrition ready and waiting when I’m on the run. "
Pene M.
"It was hard just having juices, but they were delicious and I didn’t lack in energy as I thought I might and I felt great afterwards. Will definitely do this again!"
Absolutely Awesome
"Really great! Easy to stay on track with those delicious juices and salads! Thanks!"
Christie M.
Just as good second time around
"I love it, always feel heaps better after less bloating and changes my mind set towards food "
Gemma N.
Loved it so much, I’m doing it again!
"Highly recommend the 3 day cleanse with the cashew dream. What a difference to my wellbeing it made. Everything was super easy, from ordering, to delivery, to simply enjoying the juices. Loved it!"
Finished my first cleanse
"I had been contemplating doing a 3 day juice cleanse for a while, and finally took the plunge. After some googling I decided to purchase the PHD ResetMe with Cashew Dream. The pre-information I received was great, it helped me set my expectations on what was coming, and how to prepare. The juices were all delicious and enough variation throughout the day to not get bored. After 2 days I was already feeling great, I would absolutely do this again - just planning on when the next ideal moment would be. "
Mini Reset
"Loved it, juices and salads were amazing and filling. Felt great after the 3 days"
Susie E.
Feeling good!
"Prompt delivery and everything cold! Delicious juices and didn’t feel hungry at all over the 3 days!"
Great first cleanse!
"My first ever juice cleanse! I had been feeling low in energy and yucky so wanted to try this to cleanse my system and it totally worked! The first day was really hard but the second and third days were a breeze. Highly recommend the cashew as it was my favourite. "
Ngareka B.
Absolutely worth it!
"I have bought ResetMe cleanse before and it's always delicious, always filling and I can't recommend it highly enough."
Julie L.
Better than I thought
"I wanted to do a detox because I'm starting my "get ready for summer" regime and thought a juice detox would be a great start. I'm not a big fan of juices - normally just stick to my normal citrus based juices if any, so was not looking forward to the Pure Green juice. However I was pleasantly surprised with how good they tasted. The first day was hard, seeing people eat and only juicing seemed strange but by the second day I was all good. By day 3 I felt great, my skin was less blotchy and my tummy wasn't bloated anymore. I felt like I had more energy as well. It was well worth it and I would highly recommend the detox to anybody. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to carry on with the juices during the day and have ordered more!!"
Love the zesty
"Not a big fan of sweet juices so zesty lemonade hits the spot. Very refreshing and just feels healthy"
kelly G.
Bright Eyes juice
"Delicious and refreshing juice. "
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