Loved it so much, I’m doing it again!
"Highly recommend the 3 day cleanse with the cashew dream. What a difference to my wellbeing it made. Everything was super easy, from ordering, to delivery, to simply enjoying the juices. Loved it!"
Finished my first cleanse
"I had been contemplating doing a 3 day juice cleanse for a while, and finally took the plunge. After some googling I decided to purchase the PHD ResetMe with Cashew Dream. The pre-information I received was great, it helped me set my expectations on what was coming, and how to prepare. The juices were all delicious and enough variation throughout the day to not get bored. After 2 days I was already feeling great, I would absolutely do this again - just planning on when the next ideal moment would be. "
Mini Reset
"Loved it, juices and salads were amazing and filling. Felt great after the 3 days"
Susie E.
Feeling good!
"Prompt delivery and everything cold! Delicious juices and didn’t feel hungry at all over the 3 days!"
Great first cleanse!
"My first ever juice cleanse! I had been feeling low in energy and yucky so wanted to try this to cleanse my system and it totally worked! The first day was really hard but the second and third days were a breeze. Highly recommend the cashew as it was my favourite. "
Ngareka B.
Absolutely worth it!
"I have bought ResetMe cleanse before and it's always delicious, always filling and I can't recommend it highly enough."
Julie L.
Better than I thought
"I wanted to do a detox because I'm starting my "get ready for summer" regime and thought a juice detox would be a great start. I'm not a big fan of juices - normally just stick to my normal citrus based juices if any, so was not looking forward to the Pure Green juice. However I was pleasantly surprised with how good they tasted. The first day was hard, seeing people eat and only juicing seemed strange but by the second day I was all good. By day 3 I felt great, my skin was less blotchy and my tummy wasn't bloated anymore. I felt like I had more energy as well. It was well worth it and I would highly recommend the detox to anybody. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to carry on with the juices during the day and have ordered more!!"
Love the zesty
"Not a big fan of sweet juices so zesty lemonade hits the spot. Very refreshing and just feels healthy"
kelly G.
Bright Eyes juice
"Delicious and refreshing juice. "
Good stuff.
"Great for detoxing, and tastes good too!"
Jason C.
Love the taste, it’s my
"Love the taste, it’s my new favourite "
Angela S.
Love the juice
"My fav are the green juices - I could drink them all day "
"Delicious, warming and energising. Great while exercising."
Hannah P.
"Loved the juices, cashew milk and delicious salads.... everything was perfect."
Delicious Salads
"I enjoyed the juices...but especially enjoyed the salads and the nut mylk. Would definitely do again."
Zesty Lemonade
"This is my favourite juice of them all - strong flavour and refreshing taste. Ultimate! "
Alisha B.
Reset Me Clense
"This is a fabulous reset. I have done the juice only cleanses and by comparison this was easy. I really looked forward to the delicious salads and they were so filling. I would do this cleanse again, for sure. "
Letitia B.
Great Start to to good eating
"Very good, loved the cashew dream, felt really well on the third day after the head ache sudsided and trying to change my eating habits from now on."
Great feeling!!!
"Found it hard as I’m a big sugar person but loved the ultimate result, less bloating and just felt better and more motivated to eat better and feel like that again. Loved the salads, wish I could buy them for lunch!! Will absolutely be buying again "
Gemma N.
Absolutely love not only the
"Absolutely love not only the taste but how it makes my body feel."
Bright Eyes
"Delicious, refreshing juice. Ordered, paid for and delivered without any hassles. Great product, great team"
Dennise J.
Great way to reset
"This is the 3rd three day cleanse I have completed and am so happy with the results. The juice and salads are delicious and I would highly recommend the Mini ResetMe 3 day cleanse to anyone who wants to keep on the track of staying healthy."
Julie L.
Yellow Hit is a HIT!
"So yummy! It’s perfect if you have a sweet tooth! 👅💦"
Brigita S.
Really good experience. Product arrived
"Really good experience. Product arrived first thing Tuesday morning so I could start that day. Food and juices were delicious, felt really great afterwards and lost 1.5kgs which is a bonus"
Mini ResetMe 3 Day
"Love this product, it just knocks off those hard to loose kgs"
"Love the 3-day cleanse - have done it a number of times and always feel the better for it! It's much easier than it might seem, the juices keep you full and they're delicious. Will definitely do again!"
Michelle G.
Mini ResetMe 3 day
"Great! this is the second time I have done this re-set - so this speaks for itself! Ideally I will continue ordering this mini reset 3-4x per year. "
jodie m.
Green juice delight!
"Keep coming back for more of this - great cleanse. . "
Highly recommend
"Cannot speak more highly of the ResetMe Cleanse. I had got myslef into some bad habits and this 3 day cleanse gave me the motivation and determination to make some changes. I felt amazing throughout the cleanse and did not feel hungry at all. Post the cleanse I have continued to make good choices and so far have dropped 2kgs in under 2 weeks."
Tracey T.
Gold Glow Gold +++++
"Love love, tasty, delicious, love drinking"
Kate M.
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