We know food and exercise is a major contributing factor to our success when it comes to weight loss and to healthy habits, but what else will be beneficial to our journey? We look at the top five factors that can influence your journey, that have nothing to do with your exercise regime or your food choices. 

De-clutter your kitchen

One of the biggest limitations to how well people can cook, eat and live is how much clutter they're surrounded by. Nobody wants to spend time in a kitchen that is messy or stressful, so take some time out to de-clutter your space and make it a sweet haven. You want to enjoy spending time in a place that will allow you to try new foods, cook more with the family, or simply be a place you love spending some alone time in. Make the kitchen your happy place!

Active relaxation

We often forget that the key to a fit and healthy body, and a happy mind and soul, is rest and repair. If you're over-training and seeing little results, it's likely you're not allowing your body to repair appropriately and therefore putting stress and limitations on its ability to grow and function how you desire. It is crucial that you take a break regularly if you want to see results. Go for a light walk, get a massage, stretch, read, chill out. There is no better time to put your feet up than right now. 

Serve in the kitchen, eat at the table

If you find it easy to overeat, then you should always serve your food in the kitchen and put anything extra into containers for lunch the next day. Then, move to a table to eat your food so you can't pick at the leftovers and so you allow your brain to signal to your stomach food is coming. Eat slowly, chew your food properly, and enjoy conversation with the family or friends around you. You will eat less, and you'll hopefully have enough for lunch the next day without even trying. 

Get stress under control

This is the biggest determinant of how successful you'll be reaching what ever your health goal may be. Prolonged and chronic stress will hinder every step of being healthy, and make you pay for it along the way. Busy is NOT the new skinny, and you must work out what your stressors are and how to either reduce them or repair them in your day. We know you can't always eliminate stress but making reduction and balance a priority will help. If you don't think stress is a factor in health, then understand that any form of stress on your body will essentially shut down your digestive system and shunt blood to your brain and skeletal system so you can typically think fast or run fast. With little nutrients available to your digestive system, how can you expect it to function, to break down food and absorb the nutrients required, and to remove the waste you don't want?

Get 8 hours of QUALITY sleep

Broken or disrupted sleep creates chemical and hormone imbalances in your body which ultimately lead to higher stress hormones, cravings for sugar and reduced ability to reach our health goals. If you're not sleeping in the most restful and nourishing way possible, you are hindering your results. Look at how cluttered your bedroom is, the quality of your mattress and pillows, your bedtime routine, and of course how much technology you're exposing yourself to before bed.