Have you set goals that look great but you're not making the progress you thought you'd be?

Sometimes it takes more than a few less potato chips and more boot camps to really start to move those unwanted kilos but what if you think you're on the right track, but something is still missing?

What most people don't realise about losing weight is that it is often limited or negatively affected by exposure to toxins, gut health, processed foods, sleep quality, and most importantly stress. If you're one of those very common people who may binge one evening and then feel guilty about it for days, starving yourself to "un-do" that one night, then you're actually putting more stress on your body and doing more damage than that burger and ice cream did at the time.

What is important is creating a mindset that moves away from negatives, long lists of food to avoid, and rules you'll just break. Instead you need to focus on self-love, healing, and nourishing your body from the inside out. You can't see positive changes on the outside, if you're not creating positive changes on the inside - both mentally and physically. 

What are the top three common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight?

  1. Focusing on the number. Don't weigh yourself everyday. If you've lost fat but gained muscle in a week then you’ll most likely see a number that hasn't change much, if at all. This will usually end in a "what's the point anyway" kind of chocolate biscuit meltdown. That number is never going to explain what is going on internally, explain your skin or sleep health, or allow you to focus on being healthy and happy. If you must measure in numbers then get circumference measurements taken. 

  1. Eating low-fat or weight loss products. This is such a common mistake. People think that eating low fat will cause less fat gain, when instead what actually happens is the opposite. The mechanisms behind this are biochemistry lessons for another day, but the highly processed, low nutrient, chemical and additive filled weight-loss products will cause more damage than they'll ever do good.

  1. Negative self-talk and self-blaming. This is huge, especially among women. The more negative your inner voice is, the harder your body will have to fight to stay on track, and once there, make any progress. If you can't learn to love yourself and become aware that you deserve to be healthy, happy, full of energy, and live a better quality life, and by doing this combine a lifestyle of whole and healing foods, quality nutrients, appropriate movement, exercise and a balance between work, family and your social life, then you'll find it very difficult to move forward in a productive and positive way with your body.

So what are we suggesting you do here at PHD?

Start by making a commitment. Not to yo-yo dieting, or punishing yourself, but to resetting your eating habits in whatever way will work for you. 

If it's a juice cleanse, then use those 3 days to really take some time out for you. Plan how you want to eat, what foods you want to heal and nourish your body with, and how you'll go about this as you move forward. 

If it's a more plant-based lifestyle then great, do so with an open-mind that you don't have to label yourself and if you compliment your plant-based eating with some quality animal products then good on you. There is no one size fits all approach.

You may need to recruit your partner or friends, or a professional to help you on this journey, and give you the right tools to keep moving in the right direction, no matter how many times you enjoy an extra piece of cake or a burger while out with friends.

If hormones are playing a larger role than normal, or you have any genetic or previous health issues that may be limiting your progress, then professional help is most definitely required to help you on the right path to correct balance for you, in order to see results. 

So how could a cleanse could be useful?

If cleansing is in no way, shape or form down your alley, then you don't have to read any further. If you've been keen on one or have done them in the past then make sure it's not just about drinking great quality cold-pressed juice, and it's about resetting habits, forming a plan for new ones, and focusing on how best to move in the direction you want to go. 

If one of our quality juice cleanses is what you want, but you're nervous about the idea of restricting food, then tailor it and make it your own. Add a quality nut based breakfast, or a green smoothie into your morning. End the day with a soup, a salad or a small salmon and green veg dish. It's important to be intuitive and while we have many people who thrive off a 3 or 6 day juice cleanse and add this to their lifestyle a few times a year, we have just as many people who order our cleanses, and make them work for them. 

Post cleanse nutrition is equally important to ensure your future lifestyle is aligned with your weight loss goals. 

Remember most importantly, that health is not a destination, but a constant journey along a spectrum. Some days you're closer to optimal, and other days you're not. Just keep working toward that positive end.