We completely understand how miserable winter training can be when you have to battle to get out of your warm bed. We know you're often battling headaches and a constant runny nose that even a pre-school child would have trouble competing with. We also know that the idea of a pie, a burger, and a second glass of wine with your chocolate sounds better and tastier in the winter than a spinach smoothie or another kale salad.

BUT we also know that once you've warmed up, exercise makes you feel better and fight illness. We know that the feeling of walking out of the gym with a post-sweat glow is much better than the feeling of regret for another endorphin hit missed. We know that hot soups, warming vegetable based slow cooker meals, and homemade cereals can be just as healthy as the colder choices you'd enjoy in the summer.

We want to encourage you to feel better, stronger, fitter and more energetic this winter, than any other winter. We want you to do this by regular movement and by quality whole foods, vegetable juices and some self-love!

Why it matters more to maintain regular movement and healthy eating habits in the winter:

1. We're naturally sedentary in the winter comparatively to summer, so we have to be extra aware of making conscious decisions to get up and get out.

2. We sit in and enjoy the treat foods from the couch more, rather than heading to the beach or for a walk.

3. We make excuses that cold smoothies and salads aren't as desirable when it's cold, and while we agree sometimes with this, that doesn't mean you skip all the good foods.

4. We are often surrounded by coughs and colds and experiencing a couple ourselves so being as healthy as we can be will help avoid some of them, and get better much faster from others. 

5. Some people get to summer and out of the blue the weather turns decent. Bikini's get thrown on and then a shock panic when it doesn't fit entails. Not only does this cause stress, but it can lead to unhealthy habits or "flash dieting" in order to get bikini body ready in dangerously fast time. 

How to really stay motivated to be in the best shape and health in winter:

1. Grab your friends. We know how hard it can be to do it alone. Wine and chocolate nights in can be replaced with slow cooker meals and yoga classes, or with healthy breakfast dates after bush or beach walks. 

2. Just because its cold, doesn't mean you don't take the opportunity to head outdoors to warm up when the rain stops. We find every excuse under the winter sky not to move sometimes, but really, is the body you want in summer going to be made in the first few panic moments of sunshine? Or will be easier to get to slow and steady through these cooler months?

3. Learn to make some healthy soups and slow cooker meals so you can stock your freezer with emergency meals for when you're busy and tired. They're not only a great option to warm up, but they're easily a fast food we can agree with.

4. If you've overindulged a few too many times, then sign up to a whole foods plan like we have, or a challenge with your friends to get back on the healthy wagon. What ever it takes to reset your habits back to the good and healthy ones. 

5. Warm up by hitting morning gym classes that really make you sweat. Not only will this keep your body temperature higher for longer, but a cold pressed vegetable juice will be extra enjoyable while you're still hot. If you struggle to get out of bed, then make sure you're half dressed in your gym gear or it is within arms reach and get dressed while you're still under the covers. Great way to annoy your other half too. Maybe it will get them up with you for team training. 

Regardless if your motivation is about a summer body, a winter with less aches and pains, or simply staying on the wagon, it is important to work out where your limitations and barriers are, and figure out how to overcome them. 

Do not wait until the warmer months get here. Now is the time to feel amazing. Now is the time to put yourself first. Now is the time to smash it.

Have fun and join us making this the best winter we've ever had!