The concept of life management or coaching can sound boring at times, but taking control of your own path and living the best possible life should be the most motivating and exciting idea ever! Our favourite chiropractor Harley Klinac from Outspoken Chiropractic explains the most important aspects of your life that should be taking the lead in your thoughts and actions. 

Control what you can, and the rest will follow: 6 factors that will change your life

Think of life on a sliding scale; you are either sliding up the spectrum toward life expression or, sliding down toward death expression. We can apply this model of thinking to everything we do, every meal we eat, every thought we manifest. It’s about taking ownership of who you are, where you are currently at, and where you are going. Unplugging from the ‘matrix’ and taking control of your own health, and the performance you are putting out to the world.

It’s futile expending energy on the things we cannot change, but imperative to be conscious of the things we can if we want to succeed in life. To create an environment which supports health, life, and performance, not dis-ease, illness, and death. A lot of factors in life may appear to be beyond our control, but by optimising your environment and changing the things that are in your control, you set the stage for achievement.

There exist six genuine lifestyle factors that you can control which will have a direct influence on your energy levels, resilience, and overall life performance;

  1. Nutrition
    • eating the types of food which make you function at your best
    • avoiding those foods that tax the body
    • taking in the right amount of fuel at the right times
  2. Hydration
    • discovering how much you need in order for your body to function optimally
    • avoid chemical loading
  3. Sleep
    • knowing how much your body needs
    • utilising the body’s own natural repair cycle
    • avoiding the common environmental traps of today
  4. Breathing
    • conscious breathing - learning the language of the body to talk to the body
  5. Thoughts and mind, and
    • utilising affective techniques to bridge the gap between the mind and body
    • taking back control of the rampant mind
  6. Movement
    • moving to nourish the body
    • Knowing what to do and when

By focusing your initial efforts in these six areas you are guaranteed of making a difference in your life. This was the motivation behind the launch of Outspoken Lifestyle, an ongoing drive to step away from the ‘patch-fixing’ health paradigm that is so prevalent today, where people can feel confident they are evolving, not revolving.