We make a real effort here at PHD to learn more about the amazing world we live in, and traveling is the top of our priority list for ways to immerse ourselves in other culture and adventure. While we firmly believe holidays are meant to be relaxed and enjoyed without rules, here are our top tips to stay a little on the wagon, and maintain your health. 
1. Always eat breakfast
Where possible make your own. Eggs, local fruits, oats and nuts, organic milk etc can be found in most destinations and if you eat a good quality whole food brekkie, you'll find you have more energy to explore.
2. Move and explore everywhere.
Gyms are no-go on proper holidays for us, but so is taking the escalator at the airport. Way too much to see and do outside, no matter the weather, so find a local track, the beach, a bike or a hike and get out there.
3. Eat local cuisine, rather than familiar take out.
So many people eat food they recognise from their own country (don't get us started on how many Aussies we see in Europe looking for McDonalds) but locally made cuisine is often prepared safely and with in season foods you don't get to enjoy at home.
4. Don't go too crazy on the cocktails.
Enjoy your holiday by all means, but drinking for the sake of it every night isn't actually that enjoyable, and over drinking means you end up wasting days feeling less than awesome. Enjoy the local beer or cocktail with your dinner, but remember it's more than simply booze that you're there for.
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