We talk to our nutritionist and get the lowdown on what a day looks like in the land of the healthy! 

Wake up!

My partner and I try hard to wake up with the same alarm so we can start our day with a lemon water, and then make coffee together to enjoy on the deck in our backyard. We wake up between 5.15 and 7.30am depending on my gym motivation and his flying schedule.I try to get an hour of work done after coffee, answering urgent and important emails and planning the day ahead. I will break for a matcha latte or a glass of sparkling water at some time during the early morning - almost always in my activewear!

Move it!

If I choose to train in the morning it is either a 6am gym class at Les Mills or a 9am training session alone. I focus on functional movement, stability, and flexibility rather than smashing PB's or stacking more weight on than necessary. I also yoga a lot to maintain movement I'll be able to do until old age.


This is my favourite meal of the day! In summer it's a vegetable juice (if I don't make my own then it's a garden greens or heart beet) and a plate of creamy mushrooms, baby spinach, fresh avocado and eggs. In the winter it's porridge made with quinoa, buckwheat, nuts, coconut, seeds, topped with organic cream and lots of warming spices. 

I spend the rest of the morning seeing clients, writing content for PHD, researching, or in meetings. I try hard to drink water constantly during this time, but will often have a second coffee - a full fat flat white or a long black with cream.

Lunch already?

I eat quite a late lunch mainly because I eat plenty of protein and fat in the morning to keep me happy until I get a break. Sometimes I'll throw in a 30 minute gym class into my lunch hour, or a walk on the beach with a friend. Lunch itself is ALWAYS eaten away from my computer or office, and is often leftovers from dinner, a haloumi salad, our vegan super salad or in winter, chunky homemade soups.

No afternoon naps here.

I work from home a lot so I multi task with cleaning (my partner calls me Monica from Friends) and if I get the chance I'll be in the kitchen, recipe designing and testing (and always taking photos). If I'm hungry I'll snack on seaweed snacks or peanut butter with fresh fruit and vegetable sticks.

Evening joy!

I cook dinner almost every night - mainly because I love it, but also because it's better for you. Sometimes I'll experiment with new recipes I want to perfect for clients, but mostly I cook plant based plates with plenty of whole food fats and protein. My partner is an amazing chef so I love it when he cooks our evening meal - it's often better than mine!


I'm the definition of an ex-rager and a good night for me is a cup of tea and bed by 10pm...okay, 9pm. I think one of the most important things to do in your life is to establish a bedtime routine if you don’t have one. Mine is simply herbal tea, shut down the electronics, brush, floss, magnesium, sometimes legs up the wall, then lights out.

Phones are always switched to flight mode and they're never in the bed!  


Important stuff about me

I have two degrees, the first is a BA in Psychology and the second a BSc in Human Nutrition and Sport and Exercise Science. I am an Associate Registered nutritionist, specialising in fertility, hormonal health and complex weight management. 

My ethos for food is pretty simple - I eat food that is as close as possible to its natural state and eat plant based food more than anything else. I avoid food producers that I believe are major contributors to our health crisis, and try to eat as consciously and as sustainably as I can. This means not supporting food that comes from deep sea trawling, cages, factory farms and environmentally dangerous practices. Whole food, basically!

My website is www.thefitfoodie.co.nz


I, like most humans, have days where three cupcakes are an acceptable morning tea, where a pre-dinner snack is an entire bag of licorice, or where more tequila is consumed at a birthday than I would normally recommend. I don’t make these events a habit however, and above is what I would call a typical day. I don't call it an easy day, or an 'everyone needs to be like me' day. It's what I have found works for me and while I love it, sometimes it’s hard work, and it is important we acknowledge that everyone (health professionals or otherwise) have different ideas on what it means to be healthy.