Okay, so we’re done with colder months but the mantra of “Summer bodies are made in the Winter” is ringing through your head with the guilt of not having done a single thing about that. If you’re not a bootcamp fan, and the thought of 5am whistles and sprints make you roll over in bed and switch your alarm to snooze, then how about you just start smaller. We don’t all have to be in the gym throwing tin around to feel good about ourselves.

Research shows that simply moving more often, for shorter periods is a great way to maintain the benefits of exercise, and while I do suggest adding two vigorous sessions per week in there eventually, let’s start, by just starting. 

As the weather warms up and the mornings are a little bit brighter, head out to your local park or beach for a wake up walk and this quick body weight work out. 15 minutes and nothing that will kill you is a great way to boost some endorphins, and remind your body of the positives of movement and strength. Don’t under estimate the power of simplicity. 

Complete each exercise 10 times and then complete the whole round 3 times.

  • Burpees
  • Star Jumps
  • Push Ups
  • Wide squats
  • Mountain Climbers
Follow this with our new cacao cereal and a dollop of probiotic yoghurt for a perfect pick me up and a healthy morning.