For five years now Pure Health Delivered have always had a vision to create a system where we could truly touch on our customers health, through nutrition , yes, we already were. But we wanted it to be 'more than Juice'.

Over the last few months I have been working with three amazing and inspirational young women to piece together the first phase of a brand new, exciting direction for Pure Health Delivered.

The first step of the project was to find these awesome, likeminded people and share with them a vision that we all truly believed in, and that vision is finally coming to light with this project

With the introduction of Chantal (Nutritionist Superstar), Abbylee (Positivity Powerhouse) andKatie (Fitness and Wellbeing Fanatic) we have carefully created an additional layer of Movement, Yoga, Breathing and Mindset to our existing 3 day Reset program.

All four of the team believe great health is more than just good nutrition, it's your daily routines, it's the prescence of mind 'first thing in the morning'. It's being focused, alert, conscious of what is going on around you, and it's about subtle but meaningful movement to keep your body and all it's connectors active. Great health is a habit.

So what's been added?

  • We have taken a really close look at the nutrition required throughout the 3-days. The addition of the Juice Plus option boosts up the protein and fibre content throughout the Reset, and the fresh, wholefood eating is free of any additives or preservatives.
  • Abbylees' daily audio messages are a complete breath of fresh air! Start your day right with a truck load of positive vibes as Abbylee talks you through the day ahead
  • Katie brings some bodyweight goodness to get you moving in the comfort of your own home. Get a short workout in, go at your own pace and be guided through some upper and lower body,toning exercises.
  • Slow it all down!. Abbylee brings her calming influence to the yoga mat. Suitable for all levels, these 25 minute, mindful sessions are a great way to relief the stresses of your day.