You've already had a flick through your wardrobe and decided that the impending warmer weather will give you a great excuse to clean out the old crap and get some new items for the hangers. Your wallet is already complaining but you're fizzing at the idea of some sweet new shoes, and those cut off shorts you've been eyeing up online. But is your body ready for those shorts? Is your health ready for the BBQ's? Are you ready for Summer; which is officially the next season in line?

It's time to Spring-clean out the nights wrapped up in blankets, eating chocolate and watching DVD's and bring in some cleansing food, some blood moving and toxin removing exercise, and who are we to judge if you need some new sneakers while you're at it?

If you are one of our seasonal juice cleansers, then you're probably already preparing for a 3 day cleanse, followed up with a healthy diet consisting of some whole salads, quality protein, and cellular health boosting fats along with also stocking the pantry with some healthy snacking options!

If you are wanting to embark on your spring clean out with us, then Chantal, our nutritionist, has her top 5 tips for your body's spring clean...

1. It's not about a juice detox - it's about a lifestyle detox. This means, moving and being active, it means cleaning the house of junk food, it means getting outside, and it means reducing harmful and negative habits. It may even mean less insta or facebook, and more seeing friends for walks in the evening. Use your week to cleanse your body in more ways than just quality vegetable juice.

2. Be brave with the veg - this means go for the more vegetable based juices. Yes we all love Golden Glow, but if you haven't tried the Garden Greens, then remember this: Garden greens is all vegetable with a little lemon, which means less natural sugar, more varied vitamins, more fibre, and a real boost for the system.

3. Do not just juice and then get back to the chocolate tim tams. Plan your week, plan your food, plan your produce. Use your time to shop, clean and chop up what you'll need for a quality and nourishing whole food menu in conjunction with your cleanse, or after your cleanse. You can't create a new body with old habits, so break them fast by being prepared.

4. Move! Yep, you've heard it all before. But your liver needs a helping hand to get blood moving and the best way to do this is to get warm. Sure, crossfit is there if you're feeling particularly enthusiastic, but a simple hike, a yoga class, or a jog around the park with your kids will suffice to begin with.

5. Listen to your body. Everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for you. Tailor your plan to suit you, or get help from a professional to adjust a program to suit your needs. This may include one on one dietary advice, a tailored exercise plan, and some advice on how to combat triggers and cravings. You don't have to do it alone, so ask for help when you need.