The 'S Word - Dealing with Stress

As the end of one year closed and the start of a new working one begins, we start to feel an overwhelming sense of relief at the bliss of Summer holidays, weekends at the beach, and BBQ’s with friends, but the key word here is overwhelming. We should be feeling relaxed and settled butnow that work is about to go back full-swing we start to panic about deadlines, trying to fit our work clothes, getting the kids ready for a school year and anything else you have thrown into resolutions. 

Doesn’t leave a lot of room for actually being calm now does it?

If you’re stressed already and are feeling the pressure of everything then here are 5 things to do right now to help bring you back and calm you down. Great if the kids are just getting on your nerves also.

  • Take a deep belly breath. Diaphragmatic breathing works wonders on calming our sympathetic nervous system and bringing our blood pressure down. A few breaths deep into your abdomen rather than your upper chest is the first step to reducing panic

  • Get outside. A short 5 minute break with some fresh air and some vitamin D works wonders on our mindset and can often boost our mood and productivity for the rest of the afternoon. Consider this a prescription and take a quick break outside now.

  • Buy a plant. This is especially important if you’re in an air-conditioned office building all day. One small plant won’t solve the office problems and the stuffy air, but it may just be enough to take up some of that carbon dioxide and release some oxygen for you. Even better if it encourages the rest of the office to do the same.

  • Practice progressive muscle exercises. This basically means, tense and contract your muscles and then release them, feeling pressure ease with that movement. Start at your feet and calves and work upward to your hands and neck. This is something you can do at your office desk too.

  • Learn to say no. Not everything is urgent or a priority, so just because she’s your best friend’s sister, doesn’t mean you have to attend her 21st, or 23rd, or her dog’s first birthday. Be selective with your time and your commitments and choose the important or enjoyable ones over the obligatory ones.