The weather really took a good turn last weekend as more of us took to the beach and the backyard. That however, came with the realisation that our skin needs a wee bit of attention.

We’ve chosen 5 top ways to get your skin glowing this season.

  • GENTLY exfoliate. This means, don’t aggressively scrub your skin off. Your skin is a protective organ and damaging its cells compromises its integrity. Use a firm, but not harsh dry brush on your body weekly, and a gentle facial scrub once a week.
  • Eat your skin food. Avocado, nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, fatty fish and fresh fruits and vegetables are digested to provide key nutrients for skin repair, glow, and nourishment. If your nutrition isn’t what it should be, you’ll see it in your skin, so start from the inside out.
  • Drink more water. Yes, you have heard this before but hydrating your skin helps to repair and slow down the appearance of fine lines. If you don’t want to age too quickly, then water is your first step.
  • Moisturise with natural oils. Our skin requires fat to do its job and in order to prevent it trying to compensate for a lack of oil, you should find the right serum or oil for your skin type. 
  • Finally, sleep! The dark circles, bags, dry skin and small wrinkles caused by lack of sleep are a reminder that we need a solid 7-8 hours. If you’ve spent a few too many nights up past midnight then do your Summer face a favour, and drink that herbal tea by 9pm tonight.