Spring has well and truly come to the party and with the increase in temperature, in our desire to be outside, and of course with summer around the corner, let's look at the top 5 plants coming into season this spring, what they're good for, and how to store them.

If you're good in the garden then you might like to grow some of these beauties yourself, or look for your local markets for the freshest options. 
We can't write out anything on spring veg and not include our favourite of all time. Coming into its real season in November we love the rich source of betalains that give it its red colour. These red pigments help boost the body's natural detoxification processes and are also anti-inflammatory. It is the main reason we use them in our heart beet juice. You can store the roots in your vegetable drawer, but don't forget their leaves are also edible so enjoy sliced in salads and store in your crisper. 
This is an underrated and under grown vegetable in most homes. Rich in vitamin C, folate and vitamin A, this is an exceptional salad ingredient. While it can be grown all year, the best supplies are now until December so make the most of it by planting this fast growing vegetable and enjoying it with fresh fish or BBQ's leading up to Christmas. Keep in the fridge or if the roots are still intact, leave them in a jar of water in the kitchen. 
We absolutely love growing these little babies, and spring is the best time to plant these in small pots in your kitchen window. For their size, microgreens are richer in beta-carotene for eye health, vitamin C and E for skin health, than their mature varieties so if you learn how to grow nothing else, then invest some time in these. Store in the fridge or crisper, and add to all your salads and savoury snacks. 
If you need some instructions on how to grow these, Dish Mag have us covered http://www.dish.co.nz/kitchen-know-how/article/2015/3/how-grow-microgreens
We can already see the zoodle fans watering at the mouth as we come into season for this awesome vegetable. Available through to April, the long season means we have plenty of pasta dishes to make with this exceptional ingredient. They are one of the richest sources of potassium and so if you're reducing sugar content and avoiding bananas then you need these in your life. Store in the fridge away from fruits but use as fast as possible and buy fresh. 
This is a super vegetable for sure - it has the highest source of folate, and also rich in vitamin C, riboflavin and vitamin K. Slice in salads, steam, BBQ with organic garlic butter, and store with the butt ends wrapped in wet paper towels or in a small jar of water. They're available until December so enjoy the high nutrient and phytonutrient content of these while they're in season.