If you haven't got Netflix yet, then this may just give you a reason to do so. We are all about getting out and about, rather than sitting in front of even more screens, but here in Auckland - NZ, we have had some strange weather patterns (climate change is real) and so there have been some stormy nights where a good doco has been on the cards. 


As much as a good Rom-Com can warm your evening up, we've been watching some astounding and eye-opening documentaries and if you need some inspiration, these are our absolute must-watch ones this year. A couple of oldies, but some new ones too. Make a healthy dinner and settle in. 

In no particular order, and covering a wide-range of tastes, here are our top picks!

  • Girl Rising - this is an insight into girls who crave education yet are not offered what many privileged western children are. We all forget how lucky we are, and this is a good reminder to quit complaining about not having the latest shoes or iPhone. 
  • Happy- One of the best documentaries looking at who is happy, why and why not. Again, it's a great reminder that the pah to success and money you dream of, is not going to bring you happiness. 
  • Cooked - This is one of the most creative and yet educational displays of food and nutrition. Michael Pollen is an absolute food-god and he will take you on an amazing 4 part documentary looking at bread and beer and everything in between. One of my favourite shows ever. 
  • Blackfish - If you need a reason to cry, then this will probably do it. You don't have to be an animal lover to know how wrong it is to use whales in shows for human entertainment. This insight to Seaworld's trainer death is a poignant look at why Seaworld need to stop what they're doing and why we shouldn't support any captive animal shows anywhere in the world. 
  • Dear Zachery, a letter to a son about his father - do NOT google anything about this if you want to watch the twists and turns without knowing everything as you go. Filmed by a friend of a man killed by his estranged-ex, this is a total tear jerker about the fight to get his son back.
  • Minimalism - This is hands down one of the best documentaries I've ever seen and it ended with me throwing out and donating a bunch of stuff. We live for and with too much and this really does show you another way of living more and accumulating less. Worth it! 
  • Undefeated - Not simply another American sport story, this Oscar winning doco is all about rising up from literally nothing to prove you're something. Emotional and powerful, this is a great family watch.