Why do we Juice?

In a nutshell, to remove processed food from our diet while nourishing it with vegetables and fruit! 


Our body is a complicated machine and like any other working machine, there are some things we need to do to make sure it is at its optimum. We clean our windows so they don't rot the frames, change the oil so the engine doesn't stall, and shut our browsers down when the computer gets too slow, yet we ignore poor sleep quality, gut upsets, low energy, weight gain and bad skin on almost a daily basis.

We assault our bodies daily with exposure to pollution, stress, plastics, medications, chemicals and pesticides in both our food and our environment. On top of this, we have a love affair with too much sugar, too much alcohol, too much caffeine, and way too much processed 'food'.

So can eliminating processed foods help with these symptoms?

Google 'effects of processed foods on your health' and you will find literally hundreds of pages of information with regards to the risks involved with artificial fillers, additives and preservatives and the short and long term effects these have on your health.

So how can even a short break from such processed food replaced with raw juice help you?

It is important to realise that the juice itself will not detox you, but is an excellent source of nourishment short term while we wean off processed food and form healthier habits.  High amounts of chemical additives in your diet can lead to the plethora of health issues seen in modern society  (1,2,3)

Why not just eat a whole food diet?

Yes, exactly, why not? We are all for eating a nutrient dense, whole food diet! But the reality is it is hard for most people to set into a routine to change those snacking habits! Hence we have put together a 3 day set routine to easily follow which you can continue with whole foods!

How else can  our 3 day period of juicing help you?

You'll hydrate and repair

When you replace caffeine and soda drinks with cold-pressed juices, lemon water and herbal tea like our RESET programs advise, you re-hydrate instead of de-hydrate. Everything from cortisol reduction, skin health, to reducing bloating will help show you that you're on the right track. By filling up on quality amounts of freshly pressed fruits, vegetables and super foods like turmeric, cayenne pepper and parsley, we boost your nutrient consumption. Plant power at its best!

You'll restore some balance

Our RESET cleanse is more than simply juice. It's designed to give you a chance to balance your life from stressors, reduce exposure to harmful chemicals, and give your digestive system a break from processed foods.

It's a great time to focus on your gut health now and how you'll ensure a good balance of beneficial bacteria to harmful ones.

What about the sugar?

Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are the slight trade off when you press so much of these vitamin and mineral rich ingredients into one small bottle. When compared to the processed foods and damaging options we often fill our body with, we'll take the extra amount of natural sugar for a few days when it comes with maximum nutrients from great ingredients - if it helps replace diet coke with beetroot, carrot and ginger then we're all for it, and so is your body.