Important Information

 Please read carefully:

PHD Cleanse Ltd do not recommend engaging in any cleanse program if you are pregnant, breast feeding, diabetic, elderly, frail, dealing with a major health imbalance or illness or if you are taking prescription medications.

Some of our products contain nuts and are produced in the same processing plant as other nut products so please ensure that you check the ingredients list posted on the bottle. We strongly advise consultation with your doctor before beginning any cleanse program, especially if you are currently dealing with a major health issue or crisis.

If you have any fruit, vegetable or nut allergies be sure to tick the ‘allergies’ box on the Checkout Cart. If you indicate that you do have any of these allergies unfortunately you will not be able to order from this website. Please contact us and we will do our best to suggest alternatives.

It is perfectly fine to carry on with your daily routine while on PHD Cleanse. If you are worried about going to the gym or going on your evening walk don’t be! You will have plenty of energy to do these types of activities and the exercise is going to help with your releasing of toxins.

It is imperative that you increase your fluid intake (water) during the cleanse. Try following each bottle of juice with the same amount of water, then you will know you have consumed at least 2-3 litres of water. The water will be the main means of expelling the toxins from your system, hence it is very important.

The natural expiration day of your system is indicated by the 'best before' date on each bottle. Typically this is 10 days after delivery so be sure to start your cleanse first thing in the morning the day after delivery.

Follow the juice sequence stated in the Cleanse Guide. If in doubt refer to the instructions on the carton or feel free to contact us for further clarification.

It is important to keep your PHD Cleanse Juices chilled right up until consumption.You can purchase a PHD Cleanse Cooler Bag with your juices (select at Checkout) so all you need to do is reuse the icepack we provide for transit and then store in the fridge at home or work. Please also note that our juices may vary in colour due to seasonality and variations of the fruit and vegetables so please keep that in mind when you receive them.