Around a decade ago scientists studying deep sea organisms discovered that harmful bacteria were not able to survive at great depths due to the atmospheric pressure of the water. The scientists concluded that if they could replicate this natural phenomenon they could essentially 'pastuerise' certain foods without heat processing. After a few years of technological advancement the HPP (High Presure Processsing) chamber was created and exciting new possibilities in food technology emerged.

The PHD Cleanse HPP cold pasteurisation process uses only pure, cool, pressurised water - nothing else, no heat treatment, no additives, no preservatives, nothing artificial, clean on the environment, no waste and no fuss. In fact the HPP process used by us is recognised as one of the safest food safety processes in the world today.

Each bottle of our juice is pressed, blended and bottled in a temperature controlled environment before we treat it using the HPP system to slightly extend the shelf life of the raw juice.

Where ever possible we source our produce locally and the majority of our vegetables are sourced daily from local farms and growers in the Pukekohe area. This growing region is renowned as one if the major fresh 'food bowls' of New Zealand. Our juices do not contain anything but raw vegetable and fruit juices and water - no added sugars, flavourings, preservatives or colour. A full list of nutritionals is listed on the label of each juice.