Our Team


A former NZ Navy diver, he has taken on the Marketing role.  He's a cold-pressed juice fanatic, loves to keep active, travels immensely and even finds enjoyment in yoga. Up for any challenge, Rich has helped build PHD with hard work and a huge passion for what he does. You'll often find him on the other end of the phone call you make , and he most definitely works to put you first.



She's our total foodie, qualified and NZ associate registered nutritionist (BA, BSc). She's behind the recipe creations of our whole food, and new products we're coming up with. She is obsessive when it comes to cooking, adores exercise and yoga, and travels any chance she can get. Working in private practice also, she is a busy soul with great enthusiasm for all things                                                 whole food and holistic. 






A former Les Mills personal trainer, He is usually found putting together the 'kick ass' website, he has a true love for cold-pressed juice and how amazing it makes him feel in his busy life. James loves to travel, train, drink tea and is a family man with two kids to keep him on his toes! 



Our journey so far...

In 2012 PHD Cleanse was founded by two guys who set out to help customers through a concept of resetting habits and better understanding their nutrition and mindset. The concept was simple but effective, take three days out and away from processed food while supporting the body with quality nutrients in the form of cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice alongside raw salads.

Since it's founding, PHD has helped thousands of customers create life changing habits and improve their health for both themselves and their families.


* Early 2013 where we got to meet up with Joe Cross, a huge advocate for PHD.   

The journey has not been without its' low points and drama, in early 2015 a new Food and Safety law introduced by the government saw stringent and costly testing required to ensure customers safety. As a result, different variants were made unavailable while we had to conduct further testing overseas. The change almost brought the demise of PHD, we found ourselves at a crossroads, we were forced to restrict customers that we could look after and the extra man hours required and operational stresses were taking its' toll on the team. The journey very nearly ended there.

When word got around that the change was forcing our hand something very cool happened, our customers, our awesome, loyal customers started contacting us, each with their own story of how our product and service had helped them.  Clearly, we couldn't walk away from this!

Fast forward 18 months, some expensive invoices and our fair share of gray hair. We persevered for no other reason that we had customers who had invested in us and we weren't about to let them down.

For Pure Health Delivered we moved on to our bigger plan. We were helping thousands of our customers create great new habits, we now needed to give them the tools to continue with their own goals, enter our nutritionist rockstar Chantal Cuthers!

Chantal Cuthers

*Nutritional rockstar - Chantal Cuthers

Chantals' passion and drive for all things natural and healthy was a perfect fit for PHD. Before long, Chantal had produced a range of delicious products based on her strong belief in whole food eating. And so began our venture, extending our ResetMe system with perfect complimentary food plans.

And so that's where we are at currently, although that will be by no means the end of it. As we speak we are working tirelessly researching nutrition and lifestyle information that we can continue to share with our customers and experimenting and testing brand new products, all of which are for the roots of why we founded, helping customers create life changing habits and improve their health for both themselves and their families.

Our ethos

Our ethos is to stay true to our goals and provide the best quality ingredients in nutrient dense recipes that we've hand designed ourselves. We don't take short cuts, we don't use cheap products, and we take our job delivering you the best possible product we can, very seriously. 

We know you're short on time, and when you're not healthy on the inside, it starts to show on the outside - both mentally and physically. We're here to make sure there is a wellness option when you need it, to get the best out of your amazing day. 

What makes us the best?

Customer service

We aim to make sure you're supported every step of the way. You will hear from us often and you can contact us anytime. 

Hand designed recipes

We absolutely pride ourselves on creating recipes that are unique and delicious. We source the freshest quality ingredients and spend hours perfecting the flavour profiles to deliver a product you'll love.