At PHD our aim is to provide nutrient dense wholefoods that will nourish your body. It’s about quality whole food ingredients and balanced meals that taste great.

Our ingredients

We have chosen whole food ingredients sourced from our very own NZ backyard. The majority of our fresh produce is grown locally in Pukekohe paddocks and our free range chickens are sourced from happy farms around the region. We create plant based meals with quality NZ protein, free of preservatives, chemical additives, flavour enhancers, and cheap fillers.


  • It’s about balance. Eating healthy is 80% of the weight management game, but you should also get active;
  • Healthy eating should be fun, not an addiction. Everything in moderation 
  • Plants over Processed. We aim to deliver our meals to you as close as nature intended as possible. 
  • Our meals have been made with convenience in mind and it should only take 5-7 minutes to have your meal ready to go. Please follow our instructions carefully when heating our delicious Sous Vide Meat options - and most importantly, Enjoy!
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Important information

When your meals arrive, it is important you refrigerate them straight away. 

We do not add any preservatives, as we pride ourselves on delivering real food, therefore it’s best to keep these chilled