What others are saying about PHD Cleanse

* I started the Cleanse slightly anxious as I am not a big juice drinker but by the end I really loved it.

- Sharon N


* I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse and i am so glad i chose PHD to experience it with ! It has kickstarted me to a healthier lifestyle and after finishing my one day cleanse my skin was glowing and spot free ! I definitely would recommend PHD Juice to anyone.

- Audrey.B



* I did the PHD cleanse with the aim of re-starting my system, losing weight and reducing the bloat. I am amazed with the results the cleanse gave me! I lost 3 kgs over the three days, had a flat stomach and was not hungry once. In fact I found I was really full. I would recommend this to anyone and I am definitely putting this on my To Do list for the near future again!

- Hannah


* The juices tasted great, arrived in excellent condition and on time. So convenient I would definitely use PhD again.

- Kathy Farquhar


* A great process. After 3 days I felt so much better!

- C R


* I completed a basic cleanse and loved it. I wasn't hungry or tired and finished the weekend feeling energised and healthy. The juices were delicious and following the timing and pre and post instructions was great. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to kick start losing a bit of weight in a really healthy positive way.

- Char H.


* I was a little nervous to start as I wasn't sure if my body could cope, not only did I cope better than I thought I would, I really enjoyed it. After completing the 3 days I felt fantastic and my skin was amazing! I'll definitely be doing it again!

- Michelle M


* HIGHLY recommend this product. It's really easy. That simple! Tasty, nutritious, easy to follow pre cleanse and post cleanse meals. Actually, they gave me great ideas for meals. I did ask if I could continue to cleanse longer than the 3 days because I enjoyed it so much. Another plus - their customer service is definitely A++ and I'm a big believer in giving customers good service. This company is going to go far and I will definitely continue to purchase their products to make sure I have some to hand all the time.

- Sandi Whinney :)




* Post cleanse I am really missing the Pure Green juice and now everything unhealthy that I eat including meat makes me feel heavy and for lack of a better description just generally yuck.

So I have ordered the 6 pack of Pure Green juices which is arriving next week and I am really looking forward to having them again."

Penny M


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