PHD Balance 3 Day Plan

$140.00 NZD


  • Superfoods and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Designed to maintain or kickstart weight loss
  • Real food you know and recognise

This plan has been designed for the foodie in all of us. It focuses on cleansing ingredients and nutrient dense whole foods that will encourage your goals, whatever they may be.

If weight loss is what you’re after, you’ll get a kick start to whole food nutrition and if you’re after vitality and energy, then this will conveniently provide a variety of vitamins and minerals for your mental and physical well-being.

These meals are a mixture of plant and animal based and have all been created with taste and texture in mind. We only ever use free range chickens - the happy chickens. 

Day one

Breakfast                  Raspberry zing chia cup
Snack                        Heart beet 350ml
Lunch                        Pineapple and fennel slaw with chicken
Dinner                       Quinoa and herb salad with chicken

Day two

Breakfast                  Cacao crunch muesli
Snack                        Sweet greens 350ml
Lunch                        Berry-ox salad
Dinner                       Mexi bowl with pulled beef

Day three

Breakfast                  Tropical passion chia pod
Snack                        Bright eyes 350ml
Lunch                        Vegan super slaw
Dinner                       Supergrain tabouli* with chicken

*Please note that our Supergrain Tabouli Salad contains Freekeh, a low-fat, high-protein and high-fiber ancient super grain which has been a staple in Middle Eastern diets for centuries. Freekeh is not gluten free, for those of you who are gluten intolerant.

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