Raspberry Zing Chia Cup 230g

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Gluten free | Dairy free | No added sugar | Preservative free | Vegan-friendly | Convenient |  

Chia Cups are a delicious, nutrient dense meal which is a great alternative to your typical breakfast foods for people on the go. A uniquely crafted blend of premium ingredients provides a nutritious energy boosting breakfast...made easy! 

Ingredients: Water, Raspberry puree, Chia seeds, Coconut cream powder, Natvia (stevia), Raspberry powder. 

Serving Size: 230g

Servings per package: 1

Average Quantity per Serving (230 g)                                   

Energy                 994 kJ      (237 Cal)                  

Protein                   6.2 g     

Fat                        18.3 g      

Saturated fat        11.2  g   

Carbohydrate  total  18.8 g     

Sugars                   9.5  g     

Sodium               9 mg