ResetMe Juice til Dinner

The 3 day Basic Juice Til Dinner

  • 15 x 500ml bottles of handcrafted cold pressed juice
  • 5 Bottles per day
  • 3 x delicious Berri-Oxidant salads each dinner
  • E book Cleanse Journey Guide
  • Email support

They are the same as the standard basic and advanced cleanses with the only change being the evening coconut milk has been replaced by the Berri-oxidant salad for those who need to chew their food or get some extra fibre.  

Refer to the PHD Cleanse Guide and see either basic cleanse or advanced cleanse (simply replace the cashew dream with the salad).

Daily order (approximate times):

8am - Pure Green
10am - Yellow Hit
12:30pm - Red Beet
2:30pm - Zesty Lemonade
4:30pm - Pure Green
7pm - Berri-oxidant Salad


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